Our History

Costruzioni Meccaniche Caccia started out many years ago. It dates back to 1930 when Mr. CLETO CACCIA founded the sole proprietorship CACCIA CLETO with about 10 employees. At the time, the business carried out contract machining for various large companies in the area of Milan; it produced water wheels and breast-drills of various sizes, which it sold through retailers or to the Italian Army. The products were designed for workshops. This line of business continued until the end of World War II.

In 1954, CLETO passed away and his son SISTO took over from him at the helm of the company.

His cousins EZECHIELE and SERGIO joined the business in 1958.

The company expanded greatly in the 1960's: more space was made available with a new wing of the shed; and in the meantime, the first HYLLUS sheet metal working machinery was built. The number of employees at the company increased to eighty.

Over the following years, until 1990, Costruzione Meccaniche Caccia gradually renewed its entire range of machinery, eventually acquiring 13 planes, 6 boring machines and a dozen horizontal lathes.

The company's expansion continued with the addition to the production department of new technical, commercial and administrative offices and a porter's lodge.

In 1990, the third generation joined the company.

There was further renewal of the machinery in the 2000s, with the introduction of various CNC turning and milling units.

HYLLUS machines are currently sold in Italy and around the world, and even New Zealand in the Antipodes.